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Dimanche, 25 août 2013

Hi Guys ! I hope you are doing great. The come back to reality wasn't that easy. After 5 months away from home it was kind of difficult to get used to my "old routine" but life goes on and we have to move on. So now I am planning my move to Germany which takes me all my time :) Buuuuut even if I am super busy these days, I have had time to surf on the Internet (& to have a detour in my favorites shops) and I noticed that black ankle boots were just... EVERYWHERE ! Golden heels, buckles, chain,... Designers made them soooo fancy that it will be difficult to resist... But I have been told that "the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it" (Thanks Oscar for making me feel less guilty !)... So who is going to go for it ?

My Boo(t) !

I had a special crush on the Givenchy ones but I must admit that the price is a bit less... mmh pleasing.