It’s time to put the Christmas tree out!

  J E   D I S   C A  ∗  J E   D I S   R I E N   

le  8 décembre 2012

It remains only 16 days before the Christmas Day. The night comes earlier, the temperature is going down, and you can already feel a specific atmosphere everywhere. The houses are decorated with awful green, blue and red lights, as if they were pizzerias. Since September the shops are full of faked Christmas trees and your letterbox overflows of catalogues of child toys. Welcome to the magical and fairy time of Christmas!

In this period of the year, in which everybody is supposed to be kind with his fellow man and love his neighbour as himself, people are as pleasant as a door of a prison. They are nervous and stressed because they are overworked: finding a gift for each relation (including the sister of the brother-in-law of the aunt of their cousin), decorating the Christmas tree, but before buying Christmas balls again because Junior broke them last year, finding again the Christ Child’s crib amongst the mess of the cellar, choosing and preparing the Christmas dinner (something that isn’t too complicated to cook and that everybody likes, so it will be the same meal as all the previous years, a meat fondue. Very original!)… People are so worked up that they don’t hesitate to fight in order to get the last MP3 32nd generation of the stock! Yes, that’s the rule of the strongest and it could end in a bloodbath! It’s almost worse than during the sales.

And if you think you will get some peace when everything will be ready for the celebration - when the presents will be wrapped up, the table laid and Junior dressed - I’m sorry to tell you that you’re completely wrong. The worst is coming: the familial gathering.

It’s a mix between “Gladiators” and “Saving Private Ryan”. The title could be “Apocalypse Now”. It’s a miracle if nobody is dead at the end of the dessert. The brother of your husband can’t bear your sister, your cousins are in bad terms with your aunt (something to do with the inheritance), and you have to force yourself to not strangle your mother because she’s always making a fuss about something. Yes, nobody can choose his family. That’s the point.
Christmas time… Every year it’s the same story. However, we definitely can’t get used of it.

See you,

Photos from the "Weihnachtsmarkt" in Heidelberg and shoes from